DOH releases new classification of individuals for COVID-19

The Department of Health (DOH) announces the new classification of individuals for COVID-19 under the Administrative Order No. 2020-0013.

The Persons Under Monitoring (PUM), and Persons under Investigation (PUI) will be replaced with SUSPECT, PROBABLE, and CONFIRMED.

Suspect case

is a person who is presenting with any of the conditions below:

A.Influeza Like Illness (ILI) cases with any one of the following:

ii. with no other etiology that fully explains the clinical presentation AND a history of travel to or residence in an area that reported local transmission of COVID-19 disease during the 14 days prior to symptom onset OR

iii. with contact to a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 in the two days prior to the onset of illness of the probable/confirmed COVID-19 case until the time the probable/confirmed COVID-19 case became negative on repeat testing.


B. Individuals with fever or cough or shortness of breath or other respiratory signs or symptoms fulfilling any one of the following conditions:

i. Aged 60 years and above

ii. With comorbidity

iii. Assessed as having a high-risk pregnancy

iv. Health worker


C. All Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) cases where NO other etiology fully explain the clinical presentation.

DOH suspect classification
DOH suspect classification

Probable case

A suspect case who fulfills anyone of the following

a. Suspect case whom testing for COVID-19 is inconclusive

b. A suspect who tested positive for COVID-19 but whose test was not conducted in a national or subnational reference laboratory or officially accredited laboratory for COVID-19 confirmatory testing

Confirmed case

any individual, irrespective of presence or absence of clinical signs and symptoms, who were laboratory-confirmed for COVID-19 in a test conducted at the national reference laboratory, a subnational reference laboratory, and/or DOH-certified laboratory testing facility.

See the copy of Administrative Order No.2020-0013 below:

AO 2020-0013 Revised Admini… by NTG on Scribd

Source: Department of Health

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