Cebu Pacific Travel Fund: Comprehensive Guide

Cebu Pacific has a travel fund option aside from rebooking and refunding for flights that have been canceled or rescheduled. If you are not yet familiar with a travel fund please read on.


What is a Travel Fund?

A travel Fund of Cebu Pacific is like a virtual wallet. You can put the full cost of your ticket on it and reuse it for payment on your future bookings. The amount to be converted to a Travel Fund includes fare plus any add-ons and travel tax. But the insurance add-on and other service fees are not covered.

Unlike refunds which may take quite some time, Travel funds can be used immediately. For instance, you cancel your flights and decided to put the amount of your ticket to a travel fund, you can use it instantly by tomorrow as a form of payment.

How long is the Validity of the Travel Fund?

Usually, the validity of the travel fund is 90 days or three months. Meaning you have to use it within 3 months. But because of the crisis, we are experiencing right now, Cebu pacific decided to extend its validity up to a year from the date you converted your ticket. If you then decided to use it after a year before it expires, you can book a flight within a year.

For example, you convert your ticket to a travel fund on April 10, 2020. You can use it as a payment on your booking not later than April 9, 2021, which is the 365th day. You can select travel dates between April 9, 2021, to April 8, 2022.

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Cebu Pacific will send you an email 45 days before it will expire so you won’t forget to use it.

How to convert your ticket to a travel fund?

If you already decided to convert your ticket to a travel fund, you can follow our guide below.

  • Go to the Cebu Pacific Website. Click the ” Manage Booking” on the top portion of the page.
Cebu Pacific Manage booking
  • Enter your booking reference number and your family name or the family name of the passenger. If you use your get-go account when you book your flight, sign in to your account first.
Cebu Pacific Travel Fund Guide
  • After you enter your booking information, browse down and click the option “Buy add-ons, Rebook, or Cancel for Travel fund”.
  • Tick the “Cancel Flight” box and press continue. Check the box again for the scheduled flights you want to cancel. After that an amount of the travel fund and the terms and condition will be shown to your screen.
  • Confirm your Travel Fund. Then, that’s it. You successfully transfer your ticket to a travel fund. You can receive an email from Cebu Pacific stating your travel fund credits.

Who can use the travel fund?

If you book the ticket when you are logged in using your get go account, the travel fund will be available on your account. It means, when you want to use your travel fund you should logged in to your account. The fund can be used to book a flight for anyone provided that the owner is one of the passengers in the new booking.

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On the other hand, if the person who booked the flight is a guest, meaning he/she did not logged in to Cebu Pacific, the money will be attached to one of the passengers of the booking. The Travel fund can be used to book a flight for anyone given that one of the passengers of the original booking is included.

How to use the travel fund when booking new flight?

The same when booking a normal flight but just use the travel fund option when paying. Just enter the guest reference number of your travel fund. (The travel fund is associated with the guest reference number and not with the name of the guests).

Things to remember

  • Remember that two separate bookings cannot be made into one single fund.
  • If your booking has multiple passengers, you can split it among yourselves. There will be a note indicating ‘For flight changes of individual guests, click here’ will appear after you select ‘Cancel Flight’ online.
  • If a guest has multiple travel funds, he may combine these funds to book a single transaction.
  • If your travel fund is not enough to pay with your new booking you can combine it with your credit/debit card.

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  1. Good day po.. Ask ko lng po kung pwesde po combine ang 3 kung travel fund.. 1 po tugue to legazpi at 2 pong tuguegarao to manila,, tnx po

    • what you mean po combine? bale kung 3 travel fund po kayo meron, page kukuha po kayo ng bagong ticket pwede nyo pong gamitin ang 3 travel funds for payment.

  2. Hi po . My flight has been cancelled . Gusto ko po sana mag travel fund , ang ask ko lang po mag expire na po kc yung passport . If i have a new passport number can I still use travel fund po?

  3. Sir/maam may 6 akong cancelled flight na converted sa travel fund pano po gamitin yang travel fund s online booking paano ang payment kung sakaling di kasya yung isang travel fund at gusto kong gamitin ang pangalawang travel fund para mapunuan ang pamasahe

  4. If passengers in my cancelled flights is 4 pax , can i use the travel fund to book a new flight for 3 passengers only listed on the cancelled flight.


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