Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilot program now open for applicants

Are you an aspiring pilot? If yes, then don’t miss out on this one in a million opportunity.

Batch 9 of the Cebu Pacific Cadet Pilot program is now accepting applicants. Successful applicants will be sent for study and training at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA), in Australia under a study -now- pay later scheme.


What is the Cebu Pacific cadet pilot program?

The Cebu Pacific (CEB) cadet pilot program is a 56-week program. It recruits candidates to train to become licensed commercial pilots. Afterward join the corps of aviators at Cebu Pacific, flying domestic and international routes.

Successful candidates will be sent for study and training at Flight Training Adelaide (FTA), in Australia. The program is a ‘study-now-pay-later’ scheme where CEB shoulders the program cost. Successful candidates repay CEB in installments once they are employed by the airline.

How much do applicants pay to get into the program?

There is no fee to get into the program. Tuition and costs related to the CEB pilot cadet program will be financed by Cebu Pacific initially, and then paid by the pilot cadets upon employment with the airline via monthly salary deduction, at no interest whatsoever.

However, applicants will only need to pay a testing and screening fee of AU$425.00, but only after passing the online prescreening.

Who are qualified to apply?

All Filipino citizens who hold a college/university degree and are proficient in English are qualified to apply. CEB will apply equal opportunity to all applicants.

There are no preferred degrees. Applicants need only have an average grade of at least 80% or its equivalent in subjects related to Math, Physics, and English.

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There is no age limit for application either.

You should have a passport with a minimum validity of two years prior to the start of the course.

Application process

There are a number of steps involved in qualifying for the program:

1. Apply via the link on the Cebu Pacific website or you can click this link directly to apply. The application window is open from November 4-13 2019.

2. FTA will review and filter all applications. During this period you will not be receiving any communication from CEB or FTA regarding the status of your application.

3. If your application is deemed successful, you will be invited to attend testing in Manila.

Selected candidates are required to attend testing for one full day during the testing period. Candidates will be required to complete a number of assessment tasks, including some or all of the assessments below:

• A core skills test covering numeracy and reading in English.

• A pilot aptitude test (PILAPT). This is a computer-based test specifically designed to demonstrate your abilities in tasks or skills relevant to piloting.

• A personality questionnaire

4. If you successfully complete the selection tests, you will be invited to attend a panel interview in Manila with CEB staff.

5. Successful cadets will then complete a medical assessment before commencing the academic selection course in the Philippines.

6. Candidates who complete all the academic selection course requirements will travel to Adelaide in time for a course.

What can I expect during the academic selection course?

The academic selection course forms the final stage of selection. Candidates will have to pass theory exams to demonstrate competence for entry-level into the course. There are three elements of the course:

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1. English language training

The purpose of the course is to expose students to typical types of language and accents found at Parafield, ATC instructions, and correct ICAO pilot readbacks. The course will also provide opportunities to practice speaking in roleplaying flights, general English conversation, and discussion to help prepare you for the first phase of your flying career at Parafield.

The course has two multiple choice question assessments based on:

• Read backs and responses according to described situations

• Responses based on audio listening files.

2. Introduction to basic aviation theory in the following subjects:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Loading and Performance Fundamentals
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Rules and Air Law.

Students will be guided through approximately 33 hours of study material on a computer-based training system, and complete six multiple-choice question assessments.

3. English language proficiency test

Candidates must successfully complete the general or academic training module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an overall grade of 5.5 on condition that no single test area has a score of less than 5.0.


Do I sign a bond with Cebu Air Inc?

You will need to sign a training agreement that will require you to render at least 10 years of continuous service to Cebu Pacific from your first productive flight.

During this 10-year period, an amount representing all expenses incurred by Cebu Pacific on your training will be deducted from your monthly salary on a pro-rata basis.

Do pilot cadets of CEB require a visa?

Yes. All international students studying in Australia require a student visa and have associated rights and obligations under Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and the ESOS National Code.

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FTA will provide the paperwork and endorsement for a student visa, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to complete the requirements. The Australian Embassy in Manila will process the visa applications.

How do pilot cadets get to the FTA campus in Adelaide?

Transportation to Adelaide will be covered by Cebu Pacific.

On Course

How long is the program?

Phase 1 – 4 weeks in Manila

Phase 2 – 52 weeks in Adelaide

Will I need to stay at the FTA campus for the duration of the course?

Yes, it is a Cebu Pacific requirement that students stay at the FTA campus for the full duration of the course on a full board basis.

Will pilot cadets receive a stipend?

Yes. The CEB cadet pilot program covers full board and lodging, along with uniforms and other necessities.

Is the job guaranteed?

The job is guaranteed to all candidates who successfully complete and pass the ab initio course, aircraft type training and line training.


The application period will be from November 4-13, 2019.

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