Albay Zip Code

Albay is a province in the Bicol Region of the Philippines, located in the southern part of Luzon Island. It is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including the world-renowned Mayon Volcano, which is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the country. The province is also home to numerous other natural attractions, such as beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, and caves, making it a popular tourist destination.

We will explore the various ZIP codes in the province of Albay.

  1. Legazpi City:

Legazpi City, the capital of Albay, is a bustling urban center known for its breathtaking views of the iconic Mayon Volcano. The ZIP code for Legazpi City is 4500, covering the entire city and its various barangays (districts). This code is used for all postal correspondence within Legazpi City.

  1. Daraga:

Daraga is a municipality located in close proximity to Legazpi City. It boasts historical sites, such as the Cagsawa Ruins, which attract both local and foreign tourists. The ZIP code for Daraga is 4501, encompassing the entire municipality.

  1. Tabaco City:

Tabaco City, another important urban center in Albay, is known for its commercial activities and natural attractions. The ZIP code for Tabaco City is 4511, covering the entirety of the city and facilitating efficient mail delivery within its boundaries.

  1. Polangui:

Polangui is a municipality situated in the southern part of Albay. It is known for its agricultural products, including rice, corn, and various fruits. The ZIP code for Polangui is 4506, serving as the designated postal code for the municipality.

  1. Guinobatan:
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Guinobatan is a municipality nestled at the foot of the Mayon Volcano. It is known for its hot springs and natural beauty. The ZIP code for Guinobatan is 4503, covering the entire municipality.

  1. Ligao City:

Ligao City is an emerging urban center in Albay, located in the eastern part of the province. It is known for its scenic landscapes and historical sites. The ZIP code for Ligao City is 4504, encompassing the entire city.

  1. Malilipot:

Malilipot is a coastal municipality in Albay, famous for its white sandy beaches and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. The ZIP code for Malilipot is 4510, covering the entire municipality.

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For the complete list of Zip Codes in Albay, refer to the table below:

LocationZIP Code/Postal CodePhone Area Code
Daraga (Locsin)450152
Legazpi City450052
Pio Duran (Malacbalac)451652
Sto. Domingo450852


Familiarizing yourself with the ZIP codes of Albay will help you navigate the province’s postal system with ease, whether you are a resident or have a business or personal interest in the area. From the vibrant capital of Legazpi City to the charming municipalities of Daraga, Tabaco City, Polangui, Guinobatan, Ligao City, and Malilipot, each area in Albay has its unique ZIP code. B

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y utilizing the appropriate ZIP code, you can ensure that your postal correspondence is delivered promptly and accurately, enhancing communication and connectivity within the province.