RA 11358 also known as National Vision Screening Act.

A new law signed Known as National Vision Screening Act

President Duterte signed into law the RA 11358 also known as National Vision Screening Act.

This new law address vision problems including blindness among children.

National Vision Screening Act

Under the National Vision Screening Act, a program called the National Vision Screening program shall be established under the Department of Education.

This program intends to examine the eye condition of kindergarten pupils. Its aim is to detect early childhood vision problems and provide immediate attention by referring it to eye practitioners.

The DepEd, in coordination with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine Eye Research Institute (PERI), must administer the Vision screening program to all public kindergarten pupils using a Vision Screening kit. This includes charts with symbols or numbers, occluders, and a transparent response key.

Furthermore, the education department shall create a vision screening database containing the result of the screening per child.

Meanwhile, private schools should adopt their own system for vision screening of kindergarten pupils.

10 million shall be included in the budget of the PERI of the University of the Philippines-Manila to cover the implementation of this act.

However, private schools should assume the costs of the implementation of the vision program.

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