Region 2 Minimum Wage (Cagayan Valley) 2023

The minimum wage is a fundamental labor policy that aims to ensure that workers receive fair compensation for their efforts, allowing them to meet their basic needs and maintain a decent standard of living. In the Philippines, the minimum wage varies by region, taking into account the cost of living and economic conditions in each … Read more

Region 3 Minimum Wage 2023

The Philippines, a country with a diverse economic landscape, has been actively working to address income inequality and improve the livelihoods of its citizens. One significant measure taken to achieve this goal is the establishment of minimum wage rates in various regions. In 2023, the Region 3 minimum wage rate has been updated to further … Read more

Minimum Wage in Region VII Central Visayas 2023

Minimum Wage Region VII pic

The minimum wage is a critical factor in ensuring that workers receive fair compensation for their labor. In the Philippines, minimum wage rates are determined by region, taking into account various factors such as the cost of living, inflation rates, and the economic condition of each area. We will discuss in this article the minimum … Read more

Minimum Wage Philippines 2023 in All Regions

minimum daily wage philippines 2021

The minimum wage in the Philippines is an important topic that affects millions of workers in the country. Prices of basic necessities, especially food, have increased during the pandemic. Many people have been struggling to budget their salaries to keep them going. It’s not easy, since most Filipinos are earning below the minimum. In this … Read more

Region IVA Calabarzon Minimum Wage 2023

The minimum wage in CALABARZON, as in any region, plays a crucial role in ensuring that workers can support themselves and their families while also contributing to the region’s economic growth. The issue of minimum wage is a crucial aspect of labor rights and economic policy in any country. In the Philippines, the minimum wage … Read more

Wage Order No. NCR-23| Minimum Wage hike in Metro Manila

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announces that the minimum wage laborers in the National Capital Region (Metro Manila) would receive a PHP33 daily raise, while those in Western Visayas (Region 6) will receive an increase of up to PHP110 following the approval of their Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards. As per Wage … Read more