National Police Clearance Online Application & Requirements

Applicants looking for local employment will need police clearance as one of the requirements. It is now easier and hassle-free to get a police clearance since you don’t need to stand in long queues anymore. You just need the internet and computer then you are good to go.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) makes it easier and faster to secure this document. They use a National Police Clearance System to issue a police clearance nationwide through an online application that seeks to improve the process for criminal records checks.

What is a Police Clearance?

The National Police Clearance is a document that proves an individual has no criminal or any derogatory record based on the PNP database. It is also a requirement asked by some employers for job seekers. Police clearance has a validity of 6 months.

National Police Clearance Requirements

You only need two valid government-issued IDs to get a police clearance. You can check the list here.

How to apply for National Police clearance online?

  1. Register Online

Visit to access their system. Once you are already on their website you need to register for an account. Account registration is necessary for first-time applicants. Make sure to use your active email address.

Click the green button to register and fill out the necessary information. The said information will be used as a reference in the login process.

Check your email address for the confirmation message. The message will ask you to verify your account. Click the link and it will redirect you to the login page. Sometimes, the email confirmation will not appear in your inbox. It is important to also check your spam messages.

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Sign in using the email address and password that you used during the registration process.

Upon signing in, you will be able to see your profile and some basic information about you. Click the edit profile button and fill out other pertinent information needed. Review all the information you enter before saving it.

2. Set an appointment.

After editing your profile and providing the information they need. You can now click the Clearance application button. Select the police station where you want to transact and choose your schedule on the available dates. Click Next.

3. Pay Online.

If you wish to pay online, click the Land Bank of the Philippines Button and take note of the reference number. Click “pay to landbank” button and it will take you to the LBP ePayment portal. Follow the instruction on how to pay. You can enter your landbank/gcash/bancnet account and pin. After a successful transaction, a payment summary will be shown.

How much is the police clearance? Police clearance costs 150 pesos plus 10 pesos for the transaction fee. A total of 160 pesos.

4. Proceed to the selected Police station

You can now go to the selected police station on your scheduled date. Don’t forget to bring with you 2 valid IDs, your reference number, and the payment receipt. They will need your biometrics, photo capture, and signature.

5. Release of Clearance

Wait for your name to be called for the release of your clearance. The process won’t take long. If you got a hit, you need to undergo some verification process but once it’s settled, your clearance will be released.

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