Philippine Air Force (PAF) Application Form 2020

Are you applying as a candidate soldier or officer for Philippine Airforce? The Philippine Airforce announces the schedule of examination for the PAF Officer Candidate Course (PAFOCC) and Basic Military Training (BMT) this 2020.

If you are interested and qualified, you can download the application form below. It is important to fill out the form accurately.

Philippine Air Force (PAF) Application Form 2020

Application Form for PAFOC … by NTG on Scribd

Download it here

Tips on Filling out the PAF Application Form 2020

So you decided to pursue your dreams to become a part of the Philippine Airforce. The first step is to prepare your requirements and this includes the PAF Application Form.

1.Print the PAF Application Form first. Before filling out any forms, remember to read the instructions first to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

2. Put a checkmark on the purpose of your application, either you want to apply as a Candidate Soldier or an Officer. Make sure that you are qualified for the position you are applying for. Check only one box.

3. Fill out the needed information like your last name, first name, and middle name. Write legibly and make it neat making sure that others can read it.

4. Accomplished the form accurately and honestly. Indicate the school you went to, your course and the number of units if you are undergraduate.

5. For the character reference, write someone that is not related to you but knows you good enough. This will be used for a background reference which is a part of the recruitment.

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6. Put your preferred processing center. You can see at the back of the form the lists of Processing Centers. Finally, affix your signature.

7. Double-check the application form to be sure that all information you enter is correct and accurate. Read the instructions at the back of the form for more details.

If you are done with the application form, prepare all your requirements and head to your preferred processing unit. God Bless with your journey to be one of the heroes of our country.

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