New PhilHealth Contribution Table 2021

The Philippine Health Insurance will implement the scheduled contribution rate adjustment for 2021. In an official statement, Philhealth said that the increase in the contribution for 2021 will push through despite the pandemic to ensure sufficient funding for the health care benefits of its 110 million members mandated by the RA 11223 or the Universal Health Care Law.

Under the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law, all Filipinos are a member of the Philhealth either as Direct or Indirect Contributors and shall be eligible for No Balance Billing (NBB) once admitted to basic or ward accommodations in hospitals. According to PhilHealth, the Universal health care Law will be the hope for the country for better healthcare services as it battles the Covid-19.

Other benefits of the UHC Law include:

  • Automatic membership of all Filipinos into the National Health Insurance Program
  • Immediate eligibility of all Filipinos to PhilHealth Benefits each time they seek treatment
  • Assignment of every Filipino to a primary care provider or PCP of their choice initially in pilot areas to be identified in each region in 2021. This program is called Konsulta or Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama.
  • No co-payment (or no balance billing) in confinements and basic or ward accommodation in both public and private healthcare facilities except when availing of amenities, for which Philhealth will develop co-payment limits to make cost predictable.
  • Lifetime Philhealth Coverage for all members upon reaching the age of retirement and after contributing at least 120 months to the Program.

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Philhealth Contribution 2021

Here is the Philhealth contribution for the year 2021.

The premium rate is at 3.5%, the adjustment is provided in section 10 of the UHC Law and its implementing rules and regulation can be found in Philhealth Circular 2020-005 published by Philhealth last march 5, 2020.

Monthly Basic SalaryMonthly Premium Contribution
P10,000 and belowP350
P10,000 to 69,999P350 to P2,499
P70,000 and aboveP2,450

Those earning below P10,000 shall be fixed at P350/month while those earning P70,000/month or higher is fixed at P2,450/month. Contributions of employed members (including Kasambahays) shall be equally shared between employees and employers, while those of self-paying members, professional practitioners and land-based migrant workers, and other direct contributors with no employee-employer relationship are computed straight based on their monthly earnings and paid wholly by the member.

Here is the table for Philhealth’s Contribution rate for the succeeding years.

YearMonthly Basic SalaryPremium RateMonthly Premium
10,000.01 to 49,999.99275 to 1,375
10,000.01 to 59,999.99300 to 1,800
10,000.01 to 69,999.99350 to 2,450
10,000.01 to 79,999.99400 to 3,200
10,000.01 to 89,999.99450 to 4,050
2024 to 202510,0005.00%500
10,000.01 to 99,999.99500 to 5,000
Philhealth contribution table
Philhealth contribution table

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