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Manila Zoo Entrance Fee, Schedule 2022

Manila Zoo is fun and a wonderful place to go for children and adults. Not only that zoos provide opportunities for growing connections of children with animals that help to develop intellect but are also an entertainment venue where we visit to see interesting and beautiful animals in their natural environment.

The Manila Zoo formally known as the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is a government-run animal theme park in the city of Manila. It sits on 5.5 hectares of land along Adriatico St., corner of Quirino St., in Manila. It has been home to many species of fascinating animals for more than 50 years.

If you are planning to visit the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, it is temporarily closed as of this writing due to its continuous development. But to give you an idea of how much the Manila Zoo entrance fee and Schedule are, Keep on reading.

Manila Zoo Entrance Fee

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno waived the entrance fee in February but closed the Zoo again on June 2022 for a finishing touch. There still no final entrance fee released but the city government earlier proposed an entrance fee of P100 for Manila residents and P200 for visitors who live outside the capital. Well, let’s wait for the final decision. In the meantime, here’s the fee before it closed for renovation.

The Entrance fee in Manila Zoo for Residents and Non- Residents of Manila are different. For non-resident adults, the fee is P100 while for residents of manila-adult is only P50. Refer to the summary of fees below:

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Non Residents of Manila

  • Adult – Php100
  • Child (above 4 ft) – Php100
  • Child (below 4ft) – Php 60

Residents of Manila

  • Adult – Php50
  • Child (above 4ft) – Php50
  • Child (below 4ft) – Php30

If you’re a Manila resident and wish to visit the Manila Zoo, present a valid ID with your photo and address in the city when purchasing your tickets for reduced rates. Acceptable IDs include TIN ID, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Barangay ID, UMID, and School ID (for students living in Manila).

Manila Zoo Schedule

The city government of Manila closed the Manila Zoo last June 2022 to complete its renovation. As of today September 13, 2022, there is still no official announcement as to when the Manila Zoo will open to the public. We will update this blog once it is opened.

The Schedule below is prior to the closing of the Manila Zoo for continuous development.

Manila Zoo is open from Mondays to Sundays 8 am to 6 pm including public holidays.

  • Monday: 8-6 pm
  • Tuesday: 8-6 pm
  • Wednesday: 8-6 pm
  • Thursday: 8-6 pm
  • Friday: 8-6 pm
  • Saturday: 8-6 pm
  • Sunday: 8-6 pm

Rules and Guidelines

Under the Public Recreations Bureau (PRB), the Manila Zoo has established a number of rules and guidelines for the safety and welfare of both our guests and animals.

  • RESPECT THE ANIMALS. Please treat the animals with respect. Do not yell or tease the animals, do not bang on their enclosures, and do not throw objects into their habitats.
  • DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. Human food may make them sick.
  • NO SMOKING. Smoking is not allowed inside the Zoo premises to avoid fire hazards and to ensure the safety and health of the animals, guests, and staff. Smoking is only allowed within the designated area.
  • NO LITTERING. Please put your trash in the designated area to ensure cleanliness inside the Zoo premises.
  • PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE ZOO PREMISES. For the health and safety of the animals and your pets, pets of any kind are not allowed within the Zoo premises.
  • CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Never leave your children unattended.
  • DO NOT STEP ON THE GRASS (Source: Manila Zoo Official Website)
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Which animals you would want to see in the Manila Zoo once it opened? Let us know in the comment section below.

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