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How to register at One Health Pass for Returning Filipinos?

One Health Pass (OHP) is an online portal that aims to promote the convenient and seamless movement of international travelers from departure from the country of origin to arrival at the local government unit of destination.

The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) approve the adoption and promotion of the use of OneHealthPass of the Bureau of Quarantine and the Department of Transportation starting September 1, 2021.

Who needs to register in One Health Pass?

  • International travelers arriving in the Philippines particularly to Manila, Laoag or Davao.
  • OFW, Non-OFW’s, Balikbayans, & Foreigners.
  • All ages: Each child must have his or her own Form.

How to register at One Health Pass for Returning Filipinos?

The Philippine Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) now requiring all arriving travelers from international flights to present their ONE HEALTH PASS QR CODE prior to boarding their flights to the Philippines.

To get the QR code, you will have to fill out the One Health Pass Declaration Form (e-HDC). The details which will be collected from you include your personal information, health status, and travel history. All information shared in the One Health Pass is collected and processed solely by the Bureau of Quarantine

Each child must have his/her own form. The forms should be filled out individually. Here are the steps you need to do to register at One Health Pass Platform.

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Step 1- to be accomplished before your departure date

Visit the website of OHP few days before your travel and fill out the One Health Pass (OHP) by clicking this link (For Non-OFW’s and Foreign Nationals-Have a pre-booked DOT accredited Quarantine Hotel for 10 days).

Note: For Foreigners and Non-OFWS, RT-PCR Test may be booked and paid in advance through Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory (PADLAB) or may be arranged upon arrival at the PH airport. Book RT-PCR Test in advance through PADLAB at

A warning will pop up on your screen upon clicking the link. Just read it and click “Okay”. Afterward, a question will be shown which asks if you already register for the One Health pass.

Just answer “No”. And another question will pop up which is “If you are currently in the Airport or are you departing today in the Philippines?

Click NO if your departure will still be days from now. Then, you will need to fill out the One Health pass registration form.

Answer the questions and accomplish the required fields. Click Submit after you accomplish the form. You will then be given your transaction number.

Save your transaction number for your reference because you will need it when you accomplish your electronic- Health Declaration Checklist (e-HDC) at the airport of Departure before arriving in the Philippines.

Step 2- to be accomplished at the airport before your flight

On the day of your flight, before boarding, you need to answer the e-HDC at

Important: Only QR codes generated on the date of flight will be considered valid.

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A question will pop up if you already registered for One Health Pass, and this time you need to answer “Yes”.

Enter your Transaction Number and your Last name to retrieve your record. After completing the needed details, you will then be given your unique QR code. The QR code is presented before boarding and upon your arrival.

That’s it. That’s how you register in One Health Pass.

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