How to Get a PSA Birth Certificate Online?

With the boom of technology and social media, government agencies use this to their advantage. In addition, it has a good impact on people by making some transactions more efficient and fast.

A birth certificate is widely used and needed for transactions. You need it when applying for government Identification cards, driver’s licenses, some bank transactions, school enrollment, and even for getting a job. That is why it is equally important to have it with you all the time.

If you are still planning to get a PSA Birth Certificate, you can request one with just the use of the internet. I will be sharing with you the steps on how to get it online.

There are two official websites where you can visit. The by Unisys and the by Pilipinas Teleserv. You can choose either of these two websites to apply for your PSA certificate.


Getting your PSA Birth Certificate through

Go to

PSA Birth Certificate through PSASERBILIS
PSA Birth Certificate through PSASERBILIS

The photo above will be shown on your monitor. As you can see there is Click here to request now. Click that button. Upon clicking it, you will be forwarded to their terms and condition. Click ” I accept” to continue.

Then, fill up the needed information. After your online application, you will be issued a request reference number. Fees include delivery, processing, and government taxes. The fees and the available payment channels depend on whether your delivery is within the Philippines or abroad.

After your payment, you can just wait for the delivery of about three to nine working days if it’s in the Philippines. If outside the Philippines it would take six to eight weeks.

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Payment within the Philippines will cost you around P330 per copy. Marriage and Birth certificate costs the same. While for CENOMAR, it will be P430 per copy.

On the other hand for those requesting outside the Philippines, Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate would be $20.30 while the Cenomar is $25.30 per copy.

PSA Serbilis uses the credit card payment facility of PesoPay. Unisys Managed Services Corporation will appear in the credit card statement and in the official receipt(s).

It is possible that the fee will be reflected in the requester’s credit card statement of account before the document is received.

Refund and Cancellation

After payment is made, requests for cancellation can no longer be accepted. PSA Serbilis adopts a NO REFUND and NO CANCELLATION policy for all its services.

Order Fulfillment

  1. Only paid requests shall be processed.
  2. All certifications issued by PSA are considered rendered service. All requests submitted via PSA Serbilis and paid through the available payment channels will undergo processing under the Civil Registry System of PSA. Thus, these constitute rendered service, whether requests result in positive issuances or certifications (negative).
  3. Returned mail delivery is also considered as rendered service. This includes the wrong mailing address provided by the requester, the resident transferred to another address, and any other related circumstances.
  4. For requests to be delivered within the Philippines:
    4.1 Birth Certificates:
    Only the following are authorized to receive birth certificates:

(a) the owner of the birth certificate;
(b) his/her parent;
(c) his/her spouse;
(d) his/her direct descendant;

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(e) his/her legal guardian/institution-in-charge, if minor.

If the document owner is a minor, only his/her parent or guardian can receive or authorize the receipt of delivery of the birth certificate. The receiving party must present a valid ID. If the receiving party is the guardian of the document owner, a valid ID and proof/declaration of guardianship must be presented.

If the receiving party is not any of the abovementioned persons, an authorization letter and the ID of the authorized person together with the receiving party’s valid ID are required to be presented.

4.2 Marriage and Death Certificates, and CENOMAR:
As per PSA Office Memorandum No. 2017-050, these documents can only be issued to:

(a) the owner himself or through a duly authorized representative

(b) his/her spouse, parent, direct descendants, guardian, or institution legally in charge of him/her, if minor

(c) the court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial, or other official proceedings to determine the identity of a person

(d) in case of the person’s death, the nearest of kin

Getting a PSA Certificate through

Update: January 9, 2020- According to PSA, the agreement between PSA and Teleserve on request for civil registry documents has been officially terminated effective 20 December 2019. It is no longer authorized to receive requests for civil registry documents from any party.

Go to Scroll down until you see this photo.

NSO Helpline online
NSO Helpline online

Click the Order Now image.

NSO Birth certificate Online
NSO Birth certificate Online

Choices among Birth, Marriage, Death, and Cenomar will be shown. Click the Birth Certificate if that’s what you want to order.

Afterward, you need to tell your purpose of getting a birth certificate.

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Next, Fill up the Birth Certificate Application Form.

Always double-check your information. If all is accurate, click the “Checkout Summary”, On the bottom part.

Pay your order to confirm. You can select Over the counter via Bayad Center and Metrobank, Online Payment if you have a VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card, BancNet ATM, and Globe Gcash for mobile payment.

You can now check the status of your order on the Check Status page. Just enter the Reference number, then click submit. Expected delivery is within 2-3 days.


We wish to inform the public that effective February 1, 2018 (Thursday), the new fees for issuance request of the following civil registry documents shall be:

Php365.00 per copy of Birth, Marriage, or Death certificate

Php465.00 per copy of CENOMAR

The increase in fees is in accordance with Section 12 of BIR Revenue Regulations No. 4-2018, “Rules and Regulations Implementing the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) Rate Adjustment under Republic Act No. 10963, otherwise known as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law”.