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Fire Officer Exam Schedule 2022 and Requirements

The Civil Service Commission conducts the Fire Officer Exam in coordination with the Bureau of Fire Protection. It issues the schedule for the conduct of FOE this 2022, If you want to work for the Bureau of Fire Protection as a fire officer, Here’s all you need to know about the Fire Officer Exam including how to apply for it.

Fire Officer Exam 2022

The Commission has calendared the conduct of FOE for CY 2022. The BFP Exam Schedule 2022 is said to be on April 24, 2022 (as a reset of October 10, 2021) and October 23, 2022. The Schedule of filing for October 23 is from August 18, 2022, to September 1, 2022. Refer to the photo below.

Date of ExaminationStart of ApplicationEnd of Application
April 24, 2022 (Reset of October 10, 2021) —— ——
October 23, 2022 August 18, 2022 September 1, 2022

The objective of the exam is to establish a Register of Eligibles (RoE) from which certification and appointment to second level ranks in the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and other functionally related positions shall be made, provided the eligibles meet the qualifications and other requirements of the positions.

Who can take the Exam?

If you want to be part of BFP, you need to be qualified to take the Exam. Here are the qualifications:

QUALIFICATION / ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS All applicants MUST STRICTLY MEET the following qualification requirements:

1. Filipino citizen;

2. Must be 21 to 35 years old at the date/time of filing of application;

3. Must be of good moral character;

4. Must be mentally and physically fit;

5. Must not have been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude, or of disgraceful or immoral conduct, dishonesty, examination irregularity, drunkenness, or addiction to drugs;

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6. Must not have been dishonorably discharged from military service or dismissed for cause from any civilian positions in the government; and

7. Must possess a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution of learning.

The following eligibilities may opt not to take the exam:

Those who possess the following eligibility may choose not to take the exam and apply directly as Fire Officer I.

  • Board and Bar Passer
  • Passers of Civil Service Examination (Professional) and Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO).

Grantees of eligibilities under special laws and issuances:

  • Honor Graduate Eligibility (P.D. 907)
  • Scientific and Technological Specialist Eligibility (P.D 997)
  • Sanggunian Member Eligibility Second-level (R.A No. 10156)

NOTE a) Age requirement shall be waived for incumbent employees of the BFP. Age requirement shall also be waived for former BFP employees, provided their applications are endorsed by the BFP and provided further that they can meet the minimum service requirement pursuant to existing laws.

FOE Requirements

1. Fully accomplished Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016).

NOTE: The spaces for “Signature of Applicant” and “Right Thumbmark” on the Application Form should be left blank. These shall be accomplished in the presence of the CSC processor.

2. Four (4) pieces of identical I.D. Passport size picture (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches), colored with white background and taken 3 months prior to filing your application.

It should be printed in good quality paper in a standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up with the head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture and with the name tag positioned at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin). Importantly, no eyeglasses colored contact lenses or any accessories that may cover your facial features. As well as no computer enhancement and should be bare face showing left and right ear.

Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera with neutral facial expression, and both eyes open. With HANDWRITTEN (not computer-generated) name tag legibly showing SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED FULL NAME in the format: First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name, if any.

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3. Original and photocopy of any of the following I.D. cards, which is preferably valid (not expired on the date of filing of application): See the list of Valid IDs here.

4. Prepare an examination fee of P700.

Application Procedure

You must consult with the CSC-Regional Office/Field Office where you plan to take the exam to determine the method of filing the application and the procedure to follow.

Health Declaration Form

As part of the COVID-19 protocol, applicants are required to accomplish and submit a Health Declaration Form (HDF) which will be available for downloading and printing from the CSC website or you can download it at this link: CSC Health Declaration Form Download.

You must accomplish the form within 24 hours prior to exam day. The temperature reading will be written only upon going through thermal scanning at the main entrance of the school/testing venue on examination day.


  1. Scope of Examination

General Ability (25%): Verbal, Analytical, Numerical ————————————————————————–Specialized Area (75%): (composed of the following)Fire Suppression (30%)

  • Pre-Fire Planning
  • Firefighting Techniques and Procedures
  • Tools and Equipment and Apparatus

Fire Safety and Prevention (20%)

  • Fire Code of the Philippines
  • NFPA Laws, Fire Safety Related Codes, and other BFP issuances (Building Code, Electrical Code)
  • BFP Citizens Charter, SOP/MCs on Fire Safety Inspection

Fire Investigation (15%)

  • The Law on Arson in the Philippines (RPC)

– Constitutional Rights of the Accused – Prima Facie Evidence of Arson – Rules of Court

  • Procedure and Techniques

– Identification, Preservation, and Handling of Evidence – Other Related Procedure and Techniques

  • SOP’s on Fire and Arson Investigation

Administrative Matters (10%)

  • RA 6975, 9263, 9592 and their IRR.
  • CSC Rules and Regulations and Qualification Standards
  • BFP Memo Circulars and SOP’s on Administrative Matters

Passing Grade

To be able to pass the FOE Exam, you need to get an average of 80. Once you pass the exam, you will have second-level eligibility. You can now proceed with your application as a Fire Officer I.

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Things to Remember

  • Be at the testing venue not later than 6:30 a.m.
  • Wear your face mask and face shield and practice physical distancing at all times, unless otherwise allowed.
  • Bring your ID card preferably the same ID card presented during the filing of application.
  • Bring your black ballpens. Borrowing of pens is not allowed.
  • Do not forget your Health Declaration Form.
  • Carry with you your hand sanitizer not more than 100 ml.
  • Wear proper attire on examination day, preferably plain white shirt/tops. SLEEVELESS SHIRT/BLOUSE, SHORTS/SHORT PANTS, TOKONG PANTS, RIPPED JEANS, and SLIPPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Long hair (for both male and female) must be tied into a ponytail.
  • EXAMINEES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING the following items to their seat: cellular phones and any other gadgets, including smartphones/watches and pens/eyeglasses with a built-in camera, wristwatches with calculator, books and other forms of printed materials, and all other similar items. Prior to occupying their assigned seat, examinees shall be required to deposit said items and all other personal belongings in the designated area.
  • Also, examinees are encouraged to use transparent bags.
  • Using any aid in answering the test (such as calculators; books, dictionaries and other forms of printed materials, watch calculators; cellular phones, smartphones/watches, tablets, and any other gadgets; and all other similar materials/items) is NOT allowed.
  • Bringing the test booklet outside the testing room/venue is strictly prohibited. The examination, or test results, of those found violating this rule, shall be canceled

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